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Fayble visited Legend Story Studio office

  On June 22nd, Fayble team visited Legend Story Studios (LSS) New Zealand head office, public of Flesh and Blood TCG. Fayble’s General Manager, Brendan Healy (middle), met with two FAB’s founders, James White (right) and Chris Pearce (left). During the process, Fayble and LSS had a thorough and in-depth discussion on cards’ design, events planning and future directions, hoping to create a brand-new situation in the Asian market.

  The little girl is a personalized card designed for Alan Hale's daughter.    Alan is the LSS Organized Play Manager, who is in charge for the development of events and event supplies around the world. The cheerful smiles in the picture and the street scene of Auckland City make our team witness a memorable card.

  The LSS team also shared many interesting things with us during the time.In addition to the aforementioned special card made for Alan Hale's daughter,this large black card board also caught everyone’s eyes from Fayble. This design cardboard was actually a prototype for the outer box of the Retailer Appreciation kits, but it was temporarily shelved due to other plans, so hopefully we will have a chance to see its actual looks at that time we sell our products in the future.

  Next, we would like to introduce this specially made gaming chair by Secret Lab for LSS, which must be familiar to players who love e-sports gaming and TCG. We look forward to bringing FAB fans around the world experience its charm at future international tournaments.

New Jersey PRO TOUR Limited Exclusive Products (Signature Card)

  Players who have been usually participating in our activities, large and small, must be very familiar with this black and white picture. The white invitation symbolizes the ticket of honor, while the black cover often hides the heartwarming inside. Each one of them represents the passion and dedication of LSS and Fayble’s to all players. It's too late to participate in the past events, but we hope you can join us in the future.

  The trophy was supposed to be given away at the 2020 national championship in Malaysia. However, COVID-19 cause the competition to be canceled. Without an owner, it was left alone on the office shelf of LSS headquarters. May everyone be well under the raging epidemic; may the epidemic dissipate soon and you and Ibe well.

  This trip allowed Fayble to establish a smoother communication channel and a closer connection with LSS Headquarter. Fayble hopes that through this interview, everyone can experience the fascination of FAB, and we hope to fight for earn more bonus and provide better custom-services for all retailers and players in future tournaments and events.

  This is at the end of today's New Zealand Special Report interview. If you’d like to see other topics introduced in the editorial column, please let us know through the fan page or the official website, then we will see you in the next issue of the special report.


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