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【FAB】著名繪師Immanuela Crovius將會到《TheCalling:Singapore》現場

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《TheCalling:Singapore》即將邀請著名繪師Immanuela Crovius到現場與玩家同樂!

Immanuela Crovius最有名的作品莫過於強力單卡「Plunder Run」,相信大家在那個時期都對它又愛又恨。

此外,他也參與了從MON到UPR單卡的繪製,與【Flesh And Blood】合作了相當多次。


Immanuela Croviusis joining us at Calling Singapore, 20-21 August!

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


【The Calling:Singapore】即將在8/20~8/21,於Singapore Expo盛大登場!

【The Calling:Singapore】will be held at Singapore Expo from 8/20~8/21!

現在購買主賽與會外賽的聯合套票將可以獲得The Calling:Singapore限定取得的『Thaw』卡圖桌布。

Purchase Fable Event Package to collect your Exclusive Thaw playmat which include Calling Main Event Entry + Battle Hardened Entry.

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