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Calling:Taiwan 持續報名中


#英雄召集令 #CallingTaiwan #國際級重要賽事 #網路報名 #亞洲區取得金箔Fyendal’s Spring Tunic最後機會 #賽事總獎金2萬美金



賽事總獎金高達2萬美金,冠軍更是能一人獨得7千美金和金箔擴圖Fyendal’s Spring Tunic!

本場賽事更是亞洲區取得金箔Fyendal’s Spring Tunic的最後機會,千萬不能錯過!

想要報名的玩家可以先行使用留言處的購票網站或掃描QR code進行購票,


★賽事流程★ 4/22(五):Super Skirmish (詳細資訊日後公開) 4/23(六):Calling: Taiwan 主賽 4/24(日):Calling: Taiwan 複賽/Battle Hardened 閃擊會外賽(詳細資訊日後公開)

主賽制:經典構築 主賽入場費:NT 1400 元 主賽時間:0800報到 0900開賽 參賽獎:Pulse of Volthaven 桌布

舉辦地點 : 台中世界貿易中心3樓(407台中市西屯區天保街60號)

Calling: Taiwan will be coming soon! No invitations needed! Every players can participate this event!

With the gerenal cash prize pool of USD20,000, Our champion will earn the prize of USD7,000 with Golden Cold Foil Extended "Fyendal's Spring Tunic"!

In addition, this is the last chance to win Golden Cold Foil Extended Fyendal's Spring Tunic! Do not miss it!

If you'd like to participate the event, please click to the ticket booking website via the link, or scanning the qr-code below.

Also, it's ok to do the payments on the day of event.

【Information】 Date: 4/22 (Fri) - 4/24 (Sunday) Format (Main Event): Classic Constructed Fee (Main Event): NTD$1,400 Venue: 3F, No.60, Tianbao St., Xitun Dist., Taichung City (World Trade Center Taichung)

Every player who participating this event will get one playmat of "Pulse of Volthaven" for parting gifts!

購票連結(website link):

Fayble #FAB #飛博國際有限公司