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Road to Nationals即將在7/2~7/24登場

#RTN #即將登場

Road to Nationals即將在7/2~7/24登場!

每場賽事前四名都可以獲得前往最高殿堂-〈Nationals〉 的參加資格!


The season will run from July 2nd to July 24th, and events are open to all players, with the Top 4 claiming their invitation to their National Championship.

Do not miss it!!

【賽事資訊】 .舉辦時間:7/2~7/24 .賽制:標準或輪抽 .賽事級別:競爭級別 .獎品: 冠軍 冷箔成年英雄 Iyslander 一張 前4強 〈Nationals〉參賽資格 前8強 隨機冷箔成年英雄 Fai 或 Dromai 一張 9~32名 彩虹閃PR卡一張

【Road to Nationals Information】

.Date: July 2nd-July 24th .Format: Classic Constructed or Uprising Draft .Eligibility: Open entry .Rules Enforcement Level (REL): Competitive .Pirze: Champion : 1 x Iyslander Cold Foil Adult Hero card Top4 : 4 x National Championship Qualifications Top8 : 8 x Random Drop Fai or Dromai Cold Foil Adult Hero cards 9th-32nd : 24 x Rainbow Foil Extended Art promo cards


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