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《The Calling Singapore》開始前你必須注意的幾件事情 You need to know before The Calling Singapore

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🔥🔥《The Calling Singapore》倒數1天!!!🔥🔥

🔥🔥《The Calling Singapore》1 days to go!!🔥🔥

🌟《The Calling Singapore》開始前你必須注意的幾件事情🌟

⭐ 本場賽事需自行準備並填寫套牌構築,並注意自己需要的東西有沒有攜帶


⭐ 如果沒有購買門票的玩家不能參加主賽與Battle Hardened,但仍然可以參加會外賽與會場活動

⭐ 請注意各賽程開始時間,以免因為遲到而受到賽事懲罰或參加不到比賽。

⭐ 比賽過程如果有任何問題請舉手叫裁判,請勿私下解決,也請玩家潔身自愛請勿作弊,以免面臨DQ、終身禁賽等嚴重懲罰


⭐You need to know before The Calling Singapore⭐

⭐ You need to prepare and fill out your own deck registration sheet for this tournament, and pay attention to the things you need to bring or not. Such as a pen, new card sleeves, dice, token, etc.

⭐ Players who have not purchased tickets will not be able to participate in the Main Event and Battle Hardened, but you can still participate in the side events.

⭐ Please pay attention to the start time of each tournament to avoid being for late arrival or not being able to participate in the tournament.

⭐ If you have any problems during the tournament, please raise your hand to the judges, do not solve them privately. In addition, please do not cheat, so as not to face more serious punishment.

If you are ready, then rest well and get ready for tomorrow's exciting tournament!




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