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​<< Grand Archive >> is a beautiful anime-style collectible card game with western game design​ and rules, andpolehighCollectible value.

Grand Archive takes place in the world of Cumbria, And the world is threatened with destruction. The Champion there is asked to protect the kingdom from destruction.

The characteristic of the game is that in addition to the abilities and effects, the cards only have elemental requirements (you must have certain elements to play the card), use costs (you must discard a certain number of cards), life value, and attack power, use timing and other information.



In a game of Grand Archive, each player controls a champion. You win the game by defeating each opponent’s champion. This makes champion cards one of the most influential card types in deck building, and is considered the heart of your deck.

Level 1 champions from Dawn of Ashes

Each champion has a life stat marked in the bottom right corner of the card. When champions take an amount of damage, that many damage counters are marked on them. If the amount of damage counters on a champion reaches their life stat, that champion dies.

Setting Up

Setting Up

Each player brings two decks to a game of Grand Archive. One deck is called the Material Deck and the other is called the Main Deck.


The Material Deck consists of champion and regalia cards that you will be materializing throughout the game. Your Material Deck may only have up to one card of each name in it and is limited to 12 total cards. Your Material Deck is also required to have at least one level 0 champion in it, which is important for starting the game. Here are some cards you will see in this deck.


Your Material Deck is hidden to other players, but you may look at its contents at any time. The order of the cards in the Material Deck does not matter.

The other deck is called the Main Deck. This deck consists of cards you’ll draw into your hand during play. You may have up to 4 cards of each name in your Main Deck, with a minimum deck size of 60 cards. This deck usually contains various different card types such as ally, action, attack, and more.

Unlike the Material Deck, you can't freely look in or rearrange the contents of your own Main Deck.