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2021.08.03 $1M Pro Play 2022

One of our goals with Flesh and Blood is to give players a clear pathway from grassroots in store play all the way through to the Pro Tour and World Championship.

Today we're laying out how we're supporting professional level play in 2022, including $1,000,000 USD in prize support!

The World Championship is the pinnacle of Flesh and Blood competitive play. Represent your country and compete with the best Flesh and Blood players in the world across multiple formats at the inaugural Flesh and Blood World Championship. This invitation only event will take place November 2022, and will offer the opportunity to compete for the title of World Champion and a share of USD300,000 in prize money. There are two primary pathways to the World Championship:

  • Redeem a Professional Tournament Invitation (PTI), which are earned through top place finishes at Professional Level events.

  • Ratings based invitations.

For those new to the concept of Flesh and Blood PTI's, they are invitations that do not expire and can be accumulated. You can see the number of PTI's you have in the statistics section of your GEM account profile. PTI's can be redeemed to participate at professional level tournaments that require an invitation. (Other eligibility criteria must still be met, such as primary country of residence for National Champs). Secure a PTI and your place at the inaugural World Championship at the soon-to-be announced 2021 National Championship season that will take place in over 20 countries spanning the globe. The Road to Nationals starts in stores around the world from July 31.

We hope that you're as excited as we are at the return of in person events, including at the elite levels of play. With more than a thousand local game stores across the world now running regular Flesh and Blood events, we look forward to hearing stories from around the world of friendships forged, adventures had, and the competitive spirit at its best, as you and your fellow Flesh and Blood community members embark on the path to greatness!

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