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FAB ~ October Armory Kit - Oldhim

Armory Kit Oldhim!

Oldhim is a mighty Shieldbearer of the Ollin; powerful defenders that stood alongside the Ancients against the Old Ones since the dawn of time. Now, Oldhim must venture into an unfamiliar Aria in search of his old allies, and a way to release his people from their deep slumber within Isenloft. For it's clear to him that his reawakening is just a sign of what is to come; he can feel it within his tired old bones, that soon the Old Ones will rise once again.

From October 1st, players will have the opportunity of earn a Cold Foil version of Titan's Fist for winning their weekly Armory Event. Players in each Armory Event will also be rewarded for their FAB devotion with a Rainbow Foil Extended Polar Blast for participating and supporting their local community (while stocks last).


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