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Living Legend Changes

Flesh and Blood's Living Legend rotation policy has been a core feature of the game since the release of Welcome to Rathe. Metagames need to evolve over time, and dominant archetypes need to have some way of ultimately leaving the format, but we wanted a system for Flesh and Blood that achieved this goal without rotating entire sets out of the game.

The Living Legend system is Flesh and Blood's approach to managing rotation. It is intended to ensure a dynamic long term metagame while respecting the investment that players have made in their collections of competitive cards. Heroes who succeed on the tournament circuit earn Living Legend points and ultimately depart the constructed formats, but with the ability for multiple heroes to exist in each class, the cards and equipment for that class are transferable to other decks for continued tournament play.

However, it's become clear to us that we need to make some changes to the current system to make sure that it continues to work as intended as the game evolves and grows. In particular, we want to evolve the system so that it;

  • Recognises results across a wider range of tournaments, allowing players from the grass roots to the world championships to shape how the metagame of Flesh and Blood evolves

  • Recognises that not all tournaments are created equally, and that higher tier tournaments should have more impact on a hero's Living Legend status

  • Awards points more smoothly throughout the year (the current system awards around half the total points during the six week national championship season)

  • Incorporates both Classic Constructed and Blitz formats, recognising that Classic will feature more heavily at the elite levels of the game, and Blitz will likely feature more (though certainly not exclusively) at the participation focused levels of the game.

After a considerable amount of work, we're pleased to announce the new Living Legend system. Firstly, the points scale is changing; instead of the current system, where heroes have to secure 10 points in order to attain Living Legend status, under the new system adult heroes will need 1,000 points, and young heroes will need 500 points to achieve Living Legend status.

Secondly, the range of competitive tournaments that award Living Legend points is being expanded, so that anything from Skirmish events all the way to the World Championships can award points. The higher the level of the tournament, the more points that it will award. The number of points may vary from season to season depending on factors like the number of events there are in the season, and the number of seasons planned for each format over the course of a year.

Heroes that reach the Living Legend points threshold will attain Living Legend status, and therefore no longer be legal for tournament play when the next new booster set releases.

For the existing heroes, there are a couple of implications. First, the historic points are being adjusted so any Living Legend points awarded in constructed events to date are being converted to the new scale;

  • Heroes that won constructed Calling events will receive 100 Living Legend points each

  • Heroes that won a National Championship will receive 40 Living Legend points each

  • Points previously awarded for winning limited events will now be removed

Second, we're going to be awarding points to heroes based on their performance in this season's Skirmish events, and the upcoming Road to Nationals series. For the Skirmish series that has just finished, heroes will receive 3 Living Legend points for each event that they won, where we received the event report - thank you to the stores and players who supplied all this data! For Road to Nationals, winning heroes will receive 6 Living Legend points.

Adult Hero Living Legend Leaderboard

The threshold for an adult hero to attain Living Legend status is 1000 points.

Living Legend Points - Adult Heroes (as of July 29, 2021)

Young Hero Living Legend Leaderboard

The threshold for a young hero to attain Living Legend status is 500 points.

Living Legend Points -Young Heroes (as of July 29, 2021)

Living Legend Points by Event Type

Finally, we wanted to give everyone an indication of what the points schedule for different events is likely to look like. As we mentioned above, we'll announce the actual number of points per event at the start of each tournament series, which may vary from the schedule, as the total number of events including in a season changes over time.

Living Legend Event Point Tiers (indicative)

Good luck to everybody in the Road to Nationals events. We hope that having the opportunity to have your name recorded in the history books as contributing to a hero's Living Legend status adds another level to the excitement to participating in the series!


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